Did an electrical inspection of our new home, as well as a few minor repairs. Fantastic! This is not the first time we work with this company and we will definitely hire them again. Technician was fast, reliable and trustworthy. We highly recommend this company!!! ~Leslie M. 10/3/2014
The electrician who serviced my grandmother’s home, JC, was very kind and helpful. I was surprised at the company’s punctuality and professionalism. After all the other quotes I had gotten, I felt confident that JC Electric was the company I should choose. So I did. And boy, am I glad!! I will definitely keep them in mind if and when we need service again. ~Katrina R. 9/15/2014
Electrician came and did an electrical inspection and found a line partially burned. After he looked to see if the damage was extensive or not, he replaced only the damaged part. He was very professional and friendly. He gave us good information on future electrical problems we may have. We ended up getting their Value Plan and will be using them again. ~Jose B. 4/18/2014
One of our home A/C units’compressors was tripping a bad circuit breaker every time the unit would cycle on. In short, 85 degree house! Called around 11 am and explained the problem. Within 2 hours of the initial call, and well within the 1 hour window promised, the electrician was at the house. Professional, knowledgeable, red booties and all. Quoted a flat price (not cheap, but fair given the circumstances) and performed the work for that price. Also fixed a ceiling fan with a broken RF receiver with parts he had in his store-on-wheels truck. Very happy with the work, the responsiveness, and the whole experience. I suspect that they are not the low-cost alternative, but if you value your time and what to get what you pay for, I recommend them highly. Will definitely use again. ~Michael W. 4/30/2014
Installed two smoke detectors and connected them to existing smoke detectors. Installed outdoor GFCI. Ran 110 line from indoor outlet to outdoor lamppost roughly 15ft away. The electrician came two days earlier to provide estimate. It is always a pleasure to deal with him. Scheduled job two days out when they would send two electricians to come back to carry out job. As always, they showed up on time and were friendly, professional, and competent. It turned out the job was more complex than any of us imagined for reasons none of us had any motive to suspect. Nevertheless, the upfront quoted price was honored. Harold and Curtis were a great team, and all was done to professional standards. Although prices are a bit high, I like that they have a price manual shown to customers rather than inventing a price based on electrician’s mood, the customer’s gender, or the customer’s perceived level of eagerness to have job done. This is why I will always recommend JC Electric to everyone, especially single/widowed/divorced women. Prices with no spinster markup! ~Amy S. 7/10/2014
We had them come out for a quote. We had some wiring replaced. The specific electrician has like good old-fashioned business values. He respects your home. He puts little covers on his shoes. He is really clear about things. He doesn’t put any shortcuts. He is not the guy that you’re going to wheel and deal with. There is something about him that you trust him. ~Michael F. 1/13/2014
The technician worked very neatly and installed the surge protector in a manner so it would be easily visible in the event it is used to protect the electrical system. The panel box is somewhat crowded and the technician adjusted the wires in the panel box so everything was neat and organized. ~Robert G. 12/2013