Generator Maintenance

Generac Generator Maintenance, Install or Repair

generac generator maintenanceFor our commercial and residential customers who rely on generators for backup and occasional power, it’s important to have a contractor skilled in generator installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement. Our technicians at JC Electric have the specialized knowledge to keep your generator properly maintained and repaired to last for years, or replaced it with one that runs more efficiently and safely. If you have any questions about the maintenance and safe operation of your generator, see the section below on our Generator Maintenance Plan.

For your heating and power needs, call the electrical contractors that home and business owners have trusted for years for their electrical repair work in Deland. At JC Electric, we’ll be happy to answer your questions and to set up an inspection for any of your electrical needs.

Never be ‘powerless’ again. Power-up with JC Electric and Generac so next time the unexpected power outage comes your way you can…

  • Keep cool with your AC ‘on’
  • Keep life-support and other medical equipment protecting lives
  • Keep warm with your heat turned up
  • Avoid spoiled food in your refrigerator/freezer
  • Not worry about whether or not you have candles and flashlights on hand
  • Keep data, computer, and communications systems up and running
  • Keep your security systems and lighting ‘on
  • Keep your sump pump working


With Our Generator Maintenance Plan, you will receive:

    • SAFETY & LIFESPAN  Have peace of mind knowing your generator is monitored on a regular basis to help keep your generator running at its optimum performance level. This process will extend the life of your generator, plus decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns and hazardous situations.
    • SAVE $$  Like all mechanical equipment, generators need preventative and corrective maintenance. Doing so minimizes the risk of costly malfunctions. Within the one-year period, you receive two scheduled visits: one (1) system check in November/December, and one (1) maintenance service in April/May. Membership renewal is due by September 30th each year.
    • TROUBLESHOOTING/DIAGNOSIS  If for any reason, your generator is not functioning properly between your scheduled service visits, our maintenance plan entitles you to receive $100 off our diagnostic fee. [Diagnostic fee is waived, if: (1) issue is related to parts that were replaced by us during the prior visit and said parts are still under our supplier’s or a manufacturer’s warranty; and (2) the generator has been serviced by us, as recommended. We reserve the right to change terms, conditions, and pricing, at our discretion.]
    • EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONAL SKILLED ELECTRICIANS We are not simply a generator service company. We are state-licensed and insured electrical contractors who can provide a variety of expert electrical services to both residential and commercial customers.
    • CERTIFIED & TRAINED TO SERVICE YOUR GENERATOR — We are one of the few authorized Generac Dealers in Florida. So, not only can we install generators, but our electricians are trained and certified by Generac to service your generator which means that we are able to obtain genuine parts for your generator as well.
    • SCHEDULED VISITS — Our staff will initiate the coordination and scheduling of your scheduled visits, allowing you peace of mind knowing you will have one less thing to remember.

Ask your JC Electric technician to describe all the details.


Generator Warranty and Maintenance

Importance of generator maintenance:
  • Like all mechanical equipment, your Generac generator needs preventative and corrective maintenance
  • Minimizes the risk of costly malfunctions
  • Minimizes the costly risk of voiding your warranty
  • Peace of mind knowing your generator is maintained on a regular basis to help keep your generator running at its optimum performance level
  • Maintenance will extend the life of your Generac generator
  • Decrease the risk of untimely breakdowns and hazardous conditions
Monitor Your Standby Generator from Your Mobile Device

For customers who have no access to Wi-Fi service, have unreliable internet service, or who prefer the reliability of a cellular connection:

Introducing Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE, the next-generation cellular accessory.  This accessory attaches to your home standby generator and connects it with Mobile Link monitoring service (separate subscription required), giving customers (and JC Electric, with a dealer-managed plan) real-time access to critical information about your generator’s status – anytime, anywhere.

The Mobile Link Cellular 4G LTE accessory is easy to use and works in tandem with our cellular partner, Verizon, for broad coverage and more reliable connections.  This 4G LTE network also delivers faster download speeds, enabling automatic generator system upgrades and faster delivery of generator condition notifications.

***Call JC Electric for more information on whether your generator is compatible with the Mobile Link accessory, for details on a subscription plan, cost of the plan, and/or Mobile Link accessory.  Offers and/or plans purchased through JC Electric, the Generac dealer, maybe less than the cost on your own.

For customers who have Wi-Fi service:

Mobile Link Wi-Fi remote monitoring lets you get and share information about your home standby generator.  Access important information such as current operating status, maintenance schedule, historical information, and more directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer – anytime, anywhere.

***The Mobile Link Wi-Fi device comes pre-installed on newer models.  Call JC Electric to confirm whether your generator comes equipped with the Wi-Fi device, for details on the subscription plan and cost of the plan.