Never be Powerless Again – Power up with JC Electric and Generac

standby generac generator

How do standby generators work?

  • Standby generators provide the automatic backup power needed to protect your home, family and office during a power outage.
  • Come equipped to connect to either liquid propane or natural gas fuel supply.
  • Kicks in within seconds of determining power loss – automatically – and runs for as long as necessary until utility power returns
  • Sizes are available to backup essential circuits only or to provide complete coverage to home or business

Reasons to Have a Standby Generator:

  • Comfort, security, convenience and peace of mind for your family or business during power outage
  • Allows you to control your power, so life can go on
  • Run essential heating and cooling equipment
  • Power appliances – ability to cook – no spoiled food
  • Power well or sump pump
  • Keep security systems and lighting running
  • Power life-support and medical devices or equipment
  • Keep home or office network, computers, data and communication systems up and running
  • Safe and more convenient than operating a portable generator
  • No need to manually fuel or start a standby generator – eliminates need for extension cords
  • No need to deal with long gas station lines to obtain gas, as with portable generators
  • Power before, during and after storm

Moreover not All Generac Dealers are Equal – Why Choose JC Electric for all your Generac Generator Needs?

  • Authorized dealer to install Generac generators
  • Authorized to perform maintenance on your generator, and obtain genuine Generac parts for your specific generator model
  • Not all dealers invest time and resources to ensure technicians attend Generac training/courses which enable us to skillfully diagnose/troubleshoot and service your Generac generator
  • Without obtaining needed Generac training/courses, most dealers are not certified to perform warranty service
  • 16+ years’ experience in installing, diagnosing and servicing a variety of issues and wide-range of Generac generator models
  • All inclusive turn-key proposal and installation available
  • Ability to offer 5, 7 and 10 year Extended Warranty for your generator
  • Customized system sizing for your application and needs – not a one-size fits all
  • Ability to offer Generac Mobile Link dealer-managed subscription which allows JC Electric to remotely monitor your generator (customers can also download app to receive generator status)
  • Not just a Generac generator dealer, we are state licensed, insured electrical contractors who can provide a variety of expert electrical services to both residential and commercial customers
  • We respect your home, business and property
  • 24/7 emergency service available